Corporate / M&A

Loeven advises on all legal matters relating to the establishment and operation of companies, enterprises and foundations, including choice of corporation form, ownership and capital structure, general assemblies and management, corporate governance, mergers and demergers, liquidation and transfer of shares.

We also assist our clients with drafting and negotiation of a wide range of different contracts, such as the acquisition of shares or assets, mergers and joint ventures, strategic alliances, cooperation agreements, production and supply agreements and outsourcing agreements.

Loeven has considerable experience in advising companies in connection with admission to trading and share emissions, particularly on the stock exchange Nasdaq First North. As only the second law firm outside the US, and as the only law firm in Denmark, Loeven is authorized as sponsor on the American OTC Markets (OTCQX/QB). The authorization provides us a unique opportunity to help companies gain access to investors in the largest capital market of the world, the US. Loeven offers, amongst other services, advice on listings, emissions (primary and secondary), stock exchange rules and acquisition bids.