Loeven accelerates its growth with two new partners

Loeven kicks off 2022 by welcoming two new partners. Christian Alsøe and Jacob Ørndrup will contribute to expanding some of Loeven’s largest business areas based on their longstanding experience with intellectual property law, life science and dispute resolution. Both attorneys have been appointed as partners of Loeven and come from Gorrissen Federspiel, where they have been for 26 and 23 years, respectively.

Loeven truly kicks offs 2022 in style by welcoming the two prominent attorneys, Christian Alsøe and Jacob Ørndrup, as new partners.
”We are extremely pleased that we have been able to attract two highly talented attorneys such as Christian and Jacob in the context of our growth strategy. They both cover the many diverse aspects of IP law, yet differ in various ways and are mutually complementary, each with special skills and abilities. At the same time, they share our values and our ambitions. We therefore look forward to the synergies we’ll achieve throughout the company with the two on board, something that’s also going to benefit our wide range of clients in the Danish business community”, says Søren Brinkmann, managing partner of Loeven.

Jacob Ørndrup comes to Loeven with more than 25 years of experience with matters on intellectual property law, including in particular infringement cases and injunction proceedings relating to patent law and trade secrets. His litigation practice is mainly focused on cases concerning medicinal products, medical devices, biotech products, foods and chemical products. Jacob is further widely recognised in Denmark and internationally as a leading expert in especially the fields of R&D contracts and licence agreements, pharmaceutical law and healthcare law and will be running Loeven’s life science department together with partners Christian Vinding Thomsen and Louise Bertelsen Forman.

Christian Alsøe also comes to Loeven with more than 25 years of experience with intellectual property law, including in particular disputes relating to copyright law and media law. In addition, Christian is one of Denmark’s most experienced litigators, also recognised internationally, for instance by being ranked as a Litigation Star in Benchmark Litigation. At the helm of Gorrissen Federspiel’s litigation department for a number of years, Christian Alsøe has been responsible for handling numerous large and complex lawsuits, most recently (in 2020) the class action lawsuit filed by Deminor against the former senior management team of Vestas. Besides, Christian has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of media law. Christian will therefore be part of the management of Loeven’s dispute resolution and IP teams with special focus on media and copyright law together with the other partners in these teams.

Asked about their decision to start working with Loeven, Christian Alsøe and Jacob Ørndrup say as follows:
”We’ve accepted the opportunity to contribute to the exciting and dynamic development Loeven has launched and set out a clear strategy for. Through our many years with Gorrissen Federspiel, both of us have been part of a rapid and fantastic development that has offered a broad and impressive track record of exciting experiences and valuable knowledge. We are both extremely grateful for the years with Gorrissen Federspiel but have felt – independently of one another – that the time is now ripe for continuing our legal practices and services in a slightly different and more intimate setting. Our longstanding and close working partnership is, of course, a unique professional and personal strength we take with us. Given this strength and Loeven’s team of employees, we will have a very special opportunity to build on our knowledge, experience and competencies, particularly in life science, intellectual property law, media and entertainment law and dispute resolution.

It has been important for both of us that Loeven is a strong and well-trimmed law firm that provides the highest quality legal advice to corporate clients in all the industries and sectors the firm serves and is going to serve.”

The appointment of the two new partners means that Loeven accelerates its planned growth strategy, which is part of its ambition of becoming one of the preferred law firms for Danish businesses, both with and without an international perspective.

”Christian and Jacob give us the opportunity to accelerate our growth strategy and create even more synergies between the areas that are being strengthened and our other core competencies, including M&A, funding and IPOs,” says Søren Brinkmann.

Attorney Jacob Ørndrup has been a partner of Gorrissen Federspiel for the past 19 years. He is also Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Danish Life Science Law Association.

Christian Alsøe has been a partner of Gorrissen Federspiel for the past 18 years. He is Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Danish Institute of Arbitration and the Niels Wessel Bagge Foundation for the Arts and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nicolas Winding Refn’s TV and film production group. Christian is appointed to represent parties in cases before the Danish Supreme Court where free legal aid is granted.
Loeven changed its name from BKH Law on 1 January 2022. In keeping with its growth strategy, Loeven will move to a new, larger domicile in Frederiksgade in spring 2022.

For more information, please contact:
Søren Brinkmann, Partner of Loeven, mobile phone: +45 2992 5522, email: sb@loevenlaw.dk

Christian Alsøe, Partner of Loeven, mobile phone: +45 2428 6801, email: ca@loevenlaw.dk

Jacob Ørndrup, Partner of Loeven, mobile phone: +45 2428 6836, email: jo@loevenlaw.dk

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