Loeven conducts litigation and arbitration cases for Danish and international companies before the Danish courts at all instances, before the European Court of Justice and before Danish and international arbitration tribunals.

Loeven’s litigation team has extensive experience with highly specialized and complex litigation and arbitration cases, independent counsel investigations etc., including experience from the largest and most complex Danish lawsuits in recent time.

The litigation team generally assists with resolution of commercial disputes. We have particular experience with management and advisor liability, industrial conflicts (cases of defects and delivery), termination of cooperation (partnerships, ownership agreements etc.), licensing and distribution issues, intellectual property rights, M&A-disputes, prospectus liability and rights conflicts, as well as conflicts with public authorities within marketing law, environmental and planning law, public contracts, and business permits.

We also assist our clients in settlement negotiations, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution, but also in the organization and execution of litigation strategies and steps. Loeven’s specialists are educated as and acting as arbitrators and mediators.

The team also has experience from matters before boards and councils, etc.