Loeven is a leader in advising retailers and e-commerce businesses on their regulatory environment. We advise on marketing, the company’s legal position against consumers, IT, lease agreements, complaints filed with administrative tribunals and dispute resolution. Our sector team possesses a very high level of professional knowledge and expertise, has practical experience from administrative tribunals, trade organisations and complaints boards and teaches courses in core business issues at leading institutions of higher education.
Loeven assists real estate players in buying/selling and developing real estate. Our competencies include investment and residential properties as well as development projects. Our sector team advises on complex investment and financing structures, letting and development, but also on construction contracts and other contracts, expert surveys and appraisals and dispute resolution.
Loeven has special experience of advising wealthy families and individuals, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the inherent complexity in regard to long-lasting relationships, uncompromising trust and a duty to observe strict secrecy. Our competencies include wealth planning, such as acquisition and divestment of businesses (M&A), ownership transition planning and purchases and sales of properties, and we also offer advice on family and succession law and dispute resolution. Our sector team also provides guidance and assistance through our network of asset managers, tax advisers and other advisers in Denmark, London and New York.
Loeven has acquired longstanding experience of advising financial businesses. The regulation of the area in Denmark and Europe is becoming more extensive and complex, and with our multidisciplinary and in-depth industry knowledge we help our clients strengthen their competitiveness through flexible solutions. Our sector team has obtained practical experience from working as board members, heads of legal, vice presidents, etc. for financial businesses, and we have an in-depth knowledge of the sector from seats on public complaints boards and the like. Our practical experience also includes close dialogue with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and dispute resolution.
Loeven has longstanding experience of advising Danish and foreign industrial and manufacturing businesses. The sector continues to be faced with significant challenges and is undergoing structural changes. Through our practical experience, our sector team assists in finding constructive and sustainable solutions. Our sector team advises our clients on their national and international trading and contractual relationships, including advice on suppliers and agents, freight forwarding contracts, contracts for the purchase and sale of, for example, machinery, royalty and licence agreements, development and cooperation agreements and joint ventures. We have particularly extensive experience of providing strategic advice on international dispute resolution models and choice of law considerations.
Loeven is one of Scandinavia’s leading and most highly profiled law firms in the provision of advice and guidance to the life science sector. Loeven’s highly specialised life science team has a strong focus on this specific sector and advises on all matters of particular relevance to the life science sector, including regulatory issues, research and development, GxP compliance, contracting, licensing, IP law, marketing compliance, market access, litigation, funding, IPOs and M&A transactions. Our attorneys have longstanding and extremely broad experience in the area, including from internationally recognised law firms and large life science companies. Loeven assists a wide range of the players operating in the life science sector. Our clients include, among others, founders and start-ups, seed, private equity and venture investors, large Danish and international companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medico, biotech, food, etc., trade associations, CROs, ingredients and API manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, hospitals and healthcare providers.
Loeven assists publishers and other media as well as advertising/marketing agencies, film and music producers, directors and artists in the media and entertainment industry. Our experience has been acquired from longstanding assistance to the sector and our attorneys’ close ties to the industry, both in relation to dispute resolution and through advice on setting up businesses, cooperation agreements and structural changes. Our attorneys also have close ties to the industry through professional forums and networks.
Loeven has significant experience of advising on private equity, venture capital and joint ventures/strategic alliances. We advise on all aspects concerning the establishment of funds, shareholders’ and investment agreements, term sheets, investment and financing structures as well as agreements, management (AIFM) and exit deals. Our sector team has obtained practical experience from working as heads of legal, board members, advisory board members, etc. for various investment companies, funds and from teaching at leading institutions of higher education.
Loeven has acquired longstanding experience of advising start-ups. We provide advice on all aspects from choice of form of business entity, capital structure, type of financing, protection of rights, conditions of employment and landlord and tenant law. Our sector team has extensive experience of working with start-ups, for instance from the seed and venture capital sector, crowdfunding and personal experience.
Loeven advises Danish and international technology businesses on vital matters such as compliance, protection of rights, organic growth and acquisition of knowledge-based companies, IT, e-commerce, marketing and data protection. Our sector team has extensive experience and offers advice on large and medium-sized Danish IT projects, board work, attorneys in large trade organisations and administrative tribunals.
Loeven advises public authorities as well as private Danish and international clients on the framework for successful collaboration between the public sector and private players. We have extensive experience of the legal issues that are particularly relevant in the field of public-private partnerships, including public procurement law, state aid law, technology, digitalisation, citizens’ free choice, administrative law, contract management and data protection law for the public sector. We have a broad knowledge of the commonly used types of contracts in the field of public-private partnerships. Our sector team has extensive experience of the framework for public-private partnerships through participation in a variety of tender procedures, negotiations and disputes from, among others, the public sector and trade associations. We have a well-founded commercial and political understanding of the public sector in Denmark, including industry conditions, current points of attention, market requirements, etc.