Allan Lund Christensen

Allan Lund Christensen

Partner, advokat (H)

Practice areas


Profile and background

Allan Lund Christensen has a long-standing career as a skilled litigator before the courts of law, arbitration tribunals and various administrative tribunals. Allan has been engaged by the Danish Ministry of Justice to conduct cases in which free legal aid is granted before the City Court of Copenhagen, the City Court of Frederiksberg, the High Court of Eastern Denmark and the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court. Allan has assisted in cases before various commissions of inquiry and has for several years been an external examiner in litigation practice exams forming part of the mandatory exams to earn the title of attorney-at-law.


Previous employment

  • Gorrissen Federspiel, attorney-at-law
  • Johan Schlüter, attorney-at-law
  • Magnusson, attorney-at-law


Education and qualifications

  • University of Copenhagen, LLM, 1981
  • Admission to practise law, 1984
  • Right of audience before the Danish Supreme Court, 1990